Bike Racks, Grills, Bollards, and MoreAccessories

Beyond commercial tables, benches, and trash receptacles, we offer a variety of site essentials like bike racks, outdoor grills, and planters.

All Your Amenity Accessories in One Place

Enhance your outdoor setting by providing additional amenities for your guest. Simple add-ons like picnic table umbrellas, bench sleep inhibitors, park grills, and bike racks help to provide a welcoming outdoor space. Amenity accessories can help make your space more comfortable, enjoyable, and convenient, encouraging people to spend more time outdoors and make the most of the beautiful weather.

Accessories to Include:

  • Park grills: Park grills are an essential component of any outdoor recreation area. They provide a convenient way for visitors to cook and enjoy food while spending time in nature and are an important element in creating a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor experience for everyone.
  • Safety bollards: Safety bollards can be found in a variety of public spaces such as sidewalks, plazas, and parking lots, and are used to create a safe and secure environment for pedestrians. They are an important element in protecting buildings, outdoor dining areas, and other public spaces from potential vehicle accidents, and can help prevent injury and property damage.
  • Bike racks: Bike racks can be found in public places such as parks, schools, and transportation hubs, as well as in private settings such as office buildings and residential complexes. They provide a convenient and secure way for cyclists to park and lock their bikes and can also help reduce congestion and improve the overall safety of public spaces. Bike racks are an essential part of any bike-friendly community, encouraging people to use bicycles as a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation.

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Bench Accessories

Mounting covers, sleep inhibitors, shades, and more.

Table Accessories

Table Accessories

Umbrellas, mounting covers, sleep inhibitors, shade, and more.

Table Receptacle Accessories

Trash Receptacle Accessories

Liners, lids, mounting kits, and more for outdoor trash cans.



Rotating outdoor grill for parks, campgrounds, apartment complexes, and more.

Safety Bollards

Safety Bollards

Modern steel safety bollards to protect people and places.

Bike Rack

Bike Racks

A variety of metal bike rack styles to accommodate your needs.



All-steel metal planters to beautify any outdoor commercial space.

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