Custom Outdoor Furniture & Park Amenities

Product Customization

Customizing outdoor site furniture is a great way to promote your brand or organization and create a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

Promote Your Brand

Custom logo amenities are a great way to leave a visual impression on your guests. They’re valuable in that they promote brands, drive revenue, and prevent theft. At Superior Amenities, we have a large line of furnishings that can be customized with logos, images, designs, and lettering for a small upcharge. Colored back plates are available at an additional charge.


Get Started Customizing

By customizing your outdoor site furniture, you can create a welcoming and branded environment for visitors to enjoy.

Choose the Right Furniture

First, choose the type of furniture you want to customize. This could include benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, planters, or other outdoor site furniture.

Work with a graphic designer to create a logo or design that will look great on your furniture. Already have a design? Great! Submit that design when you place your order and our team of designers will work with your artwork to ensure it translates well when on your amenities.

Most of our outdoor furniture can also include a powder coated backing plate to make your logo pop.

Dimario Park-NJ-Site Amenities-Classic Bench-B6WBCLASSIC-Custom-Web

Customization Ideas

Here are a few ways you can customize your outdoor furniture:

  • Add your town’s logo to trash receptacles to exhibit your town’s identity
  • Add animal designs to zoo and aquarium benches for a fun look
  • Create a memorial bench
  • Style tables in your choice of colors to match your school's colors

Have questions?

Find your local sales representative. They’ll be happy to assist you with any questions.