3 Ways to Weatherproof Your Commercial Outdoor Site Furnishings

3 Ways to Weatherproof Your Commercial Outdoor Site Furnishings

You know what the weatherman says when heavy rain and wind is heading your way: “Ensure all outside objects are secured.” That’s typically easy for your own, personal patio items but what if you run a park, school, childcare, or other public space and have outside site amenities like tables, benches, and trash receptacles? Smart buying decisions can help when heavy rain and wind come your way. Here are three easy preventative care tips to keep your all-weather picnic tables, trash receptacles, and park benches secure when inclement weather takes over.

1. Invest in Surface Mounting Options

While most parks, schools, or community centers like the convenience of portable picnic tables, benches, and outdoor trash receptacles, investing in a surface mounting kit is a great way to ensure your outdoor site furnishings aren’t going anywhere in higher winds. So what is a surface mounting kit? It typically contains the parts and pieces – like clamps, for example – needed to convert your moveable outdoor site amenities into ones that are bolted to concrete. Surface mounting kits usually take the form of a clamp that wraps around a bench or table’s frame.

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2. Purchase Rain-Resistant Trash Receptacles

No one likes to clean out a trash receptacle after a rainstorm. Not only do you have trash in your bag, but you also have a lot of heavy water. If this isn’t your thing, choose an outside trash receptacle that has a dome top with a self-closing door or, for a more modern look, choose a flat top with rain bonnet. Both lid styles will help keep that unwanted rain out of your trash receptacle. What’s more, most lids come with a cable connection that secures your lid to the trash receptacle.

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3. Secure and Close Your Patio Umbrella

If you have areas like concession seating or outside dining where patio umbrellas are an added amenity to your outdoor tables, secure your umbrellas with an umbrella anchor. While many companies offer weighted umbrella stands – a valuable, adequate solution – some offer umbrella anchors, too. What’s the difference? Umbrella anchors secure the umbrella to a commercial-grade outdoor table whereas an umbrella stand just holds the umbrella upright. When the wind becomes a factor, many umbrellas held upright by an umbrella stand go flying. Use the weight of your all-steel picnic table to your advantage by opting for the umbrella anchor. In addition to securing the umbrella to the table, add closing the umbrellas into your nightly closing routine.
To learn more about getting the most out of your site amenities, check out our guide to what commercial outdoor furniture lasts the longest.

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Written By: A. McCord

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