Bike Racks Designed for Convenient and Safe Storage

Bike Racks Designed for Convenient and Safe Storage

Bicycle commuting has seen a major increase in recent years. In 2017, the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey estimated that a total of 836,569 Americans commuted to and from work each day on a bicycle. Now that’s a lot of bikes. And with those bikes, both communities and businesses need commercial bike racks for convenient and safe storage to accommodate these unique commuters. 

Which Bike Racks Are Best For Your Property?

A lot of commercial bike rack options are out there, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been designed with bike “ergonomics” in mind. When selecting a bicycle rack for your property, choose a rack that will provide a point of contact for the frame of the bike and at least one wheel. Having multiple points of contact ensures that bikes can be parked orderly. Take a look at three bike rack styles that offer dual frame and wheel support.

Saddle Rock Townhomes-CO-Site Amenities-Wave Bike Rack-MSBR3-ING-View 01-Web

Wave Bike Rack

If you’re catering to bike enthusiasts, you may want to dig even deeper than dual support when selecting a bicycle rack. Bike enthusiasts tend to have more knowledge of the ideal rack style and, what’s more, they’ve made an even bigger investment into their bike than your average leisure rider. When they secure their bike, they want to know their thousands of dollars of investment is secure and won’t be damaged. If you live in a city where thousands of people use their bike as their main source of comminuting – like Portland, Ore., for example, where biking is the number one choice for 22,647 people according to The Bike League – consider opting for a bike rack made from a thicker pipe. The thicker the pipe, the less likely someone can cut the pipe with pipe cutters. Additionally, opt for a rack that allows both the wheel and the frame of the bike to be secured with a U-style bicycle lock (not just the wheel). 

Pinnacle Park-GA-Site Amenities-Horseshow Bike Rack

Horseshoe Bike Rack

Remember, look for these key features when choosing a commercial bike rack:

  1. Provides at least two points of contact for bike support
  2. Is designed to secure both the bicycle’s frame and the bicycle’s wheel when locked
  3. Is made from a thicker style of tubing

Written By: K. Broadwell

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