Model: T#RCHDCP4-4 Accessible Regal Rectangular 4-4 Table

For a modern picnic table, consider our Accessible Regal 4-4 Table with its detached seats and extended table top.

Our Accessible Regal 4-4 Table offers a bold design ready to withstand everyday use. This picnic table features heavy-duty table and bench legs and detached seating for a modern look. What's more, this ADA accessible picnic table is a picnic table that meets the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This type of picnic table is designed to provide easy access and comfortable use for individuals with disabilities, including those who use wheelchairs. Our 4-4 picnic table with detached benches is great for parks and schools and could be used as an outdoor picnic table or outdoor lunch table.


  • Expanded Metal Design
  • 4" Powder Coated Frame
  • Detached Seating
  • 6' and 8' Lengths
  • 24" Of Overhang for ADA Accessibility
  • Textured Polyethylene Seats and Table Top
  • Surface or In-Ground Mount

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