Buddy Benches

Everyone needs a friend, and sometimes a simple greeting could be the start of a new bond on the playground. That’s why we at Superior want to ensure your outdoor play environment promotes inclusion and friendship with Buddy Benches.

Everyone Needs a Buddy

A buddy bench is a simple but effective idea that is becoming increasingly popular in schools around the world. Essentially, it is a bench that is placed in a school playground or other public area, with the purpose of promoting friendship and inclusivity.

The idea is that if a child feels lonely or excluded, they can sit on the buddy bench as a signal to other children that they would like someone to come and talk to them or invite them to play. It's a way of encouraging emp
athy and kindness and helps to foster a sense of community in the school.

Find Your Perfect Buddy Bench

Buddy Benches come in five designs including Standard, All Smiles, Buddy Bloom, Helping Hands, and Kind Kids. They’re also available in various colors and mounting options. You can even add a custom logo. Encourage a welcoming play space today with a Buddy Bench.