Model: FLATTOP32 Flat Top

The "Flat Top" is a versatile accessory designed for 32 and 55-gallon receptacles, offering options for 8" and 14" top openings. Featuring a textured polyethylene finish, it combines functionality with a sleek design for various settings.

The "Flat Top" is a multifunctional and adaptable item designed to enhance the utility of various receptacles. With the capacity to fit both 32 and 55-gallon containers, this accessory offers flexibility through a choice of 8" and 14" top openings. Its textured polyethylene finish not only adds a touch of visual sophistication but also ensures durability, making it an ideal solution for a range of settings. The "Flat Top" seamlessly combines practicality with aesthetics, providing a reliable and versatile option for those seeking to optimize the functionality of their receptacles.

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