Model: B#MODERN Modern Standard Bench without Back

Perfect for city parks and school loading zones, the Modern Bench without Back offers double-sided seating.

The Modern Standard Bench without a back is a type of outdoor seating designed for commercial and public spaces. It is a simple and versatile bench that offers a clean and contemporary look while providing a comfortable seating option. One notable feature of this bench is its backless design. This design allows for flexibility in placement and encourages social interaction as people can sit on either side of the bench. Although it has a wide seating area, it still maintains a rather compact footprint. If you'd like to group benches together, order the Add-On variation to extend the bench length on either side. Overall, the Modern Standard Bench without a back is a practical and contemporary outdoor seating option suitable for parks, public spaces, schools, and other commercial environments where a sleek and versatile seating solution is desired. Most notably, this design is especially popular for airports near security.


  • Expanded Metal Design
  • 2 3/8" Powder Coated Frame
  • 18" Seat Height
  • 4' and 6' Lengths
  • Add-On Sections Available
  • Textured Polyethylene Seats
  • Surface, In-Ground Mount, or Portable

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